Fusilli 100% Red Lentils with cooked bread cream and green turnip

Ingredients e process

160 g Fusilli Pasta Gustosa "100% Red Lentils Bio"; 3/4 slices of stale bread; 4 green turnip; Oil, Salt, Garlic, Breaded (flavored to taste).
  • Cook stale bread for 3 minutes and add the turnip; Cooking finished, drain;
  • Whisk cooked bread and turnip with the addition of oil, salt, a little piece of garlic and cooking water until the cream is obtained;
  • Allow breadcrumbs in a frying pan with an extra-virgin olive oil;
  • In a large pot boil for 2 minutes the red lentils fusilli and drain;
  • Let's fry pasta and oil for about 1 minute;
  • Serve putting the cooked bread cream on the bottom, above, our Red Lentil Fusilli and end up with the bread crumbs and the top of a green turnip.