The Recipes

Recipes by Chef Giuseppe Mercede


Fusilli 100% Red Lentils with bread cream and green turnip.

The decisive flavor of red lentils lying on a bed of delicious cooked bread cream.

The green turnip and the breadcrumbs cascade give rusticity and character to the dish.


Rigatoncini with broad bean & “Pallone di Gravina” cheese

This tasty dish takes full control of the tradition of Gravina by revisiting it in a modern key.

Fresh delicious broad bean blend into the enjoyment of this seasoned cheese.


Sedanini Multigrain with Parmigiana and Burratina

The classic grandmother’s Parmigiana will no longer be the same with Pasta Gustosa!

Eggplant cubes mixed with the inimitable flavor of burratina with an elegant basil touch.


Caserecce 100% Piselli Verdi scented with black truffles

A simple dish to prepare, which would not disappoint in any gourmet menu.

The delicious Caserecce with green peas are appreciated by a black truffle rain.